30. March 2020


Dear customers and business partners,despite the COVID-19 crisis we are still there for you in these challenging times.At FuG everything continues as usual and without any significant restrictions. Although the situation might change daily, we are do...
Excellent! FuG Elektronik is most family-friendly company 202020200224095538
24. February 2020

Excellent! FuG Elektronik is most family-friendly company 2020

The manufacturer of power supplies receives the prize "Familienlöwe" in the category over 100 employeesFuG Elektronik, manufacturer of high-precision power supplies for research and industry, was awarded the „Familienlöwen“ in t...
We are at the 11th Joint User Meeting BER II and BESSY II in Berlin Adlershof, Germany20191205110917
5. December 2019

We are at the 11th Joint User Meeting BER II and BESSY II in Berlin Adlershof, Germany

In this context, we are pleased to be able to present our products to a large specialist audience and also take this opportunity to get in touch with new and existing customers, as well as with scientists. The field of synchrotron radiation and/or ne...
Production area of ​​FuG grows to 10,000 square meters20191108092632
8. November 2019

Production area of ​​FuG grows to 10,000 square meters

New building with 5,000 sqm of production area was opened - investment in the Schechen locationThe opening of our almost completed new company building was already celebrated on 21th Sept. 2019 with the TecDay. This will increase FuG Elektronik's pro...
Conferences and Exhibitions to be focused20190826122745
26. August 2019

Conferences and Exhibitions to be focused

FuG Elektronik presents DC power supplies at the 3rd World Congress for Electroporation in Pulsed Electric Fields in Toulouse and at the 39th International Free Electron Laser Conference in Hamburg.With the Basic and Professional series, FuG Elektron...
Worldwide Distributor-Workshop for Power Supplies at FuG Elektronik20190715131257
15. July 2019

Worldwide Distributor-Workshop for Power Supplies at FuG Elektronik

FuG Elektronik invites its sales partners to a training course on DC power supplies with a user group workshop.At the beginning of September FuG Elektronik will offer product and application training for all worldwide sales partners of DC power suppl...
New Basic-Series M-Power-Line from FuG Elektronik20190612111453
12. June 2019

New Basic-Series M-Power-Line from FuG Elektronik

Competitive and highly efficient high voltage DC power supply for three voltage and three power ranges.The compact M-Power-Line FuG power supply covers a wide range of applications with high voltages of 10 kV, 30 kV and 50 kV and outputs of 200 W, 50...
FuG Elektronik extends production capacities – TecDay on Saturday, 21th Sept. 201920190410150014
10. April 2019

FuG Elektronik extends production capacities – TecDay on Saturday, 21th Sept. 2019

The opening of the new production hall will be combined with the TEC DAY to introduce the entire company and team.As in 2018, FuG Elektronik offers on Saturday, 21 Sept.2019 the opportunity to get to know the company and the FuG team including a prod...


InPAC 2019 (Indian Particle Accelerator Conference)

18 - 21 November 2019
New Delhi, India

The ninth Indian Particle Accelerator Conference (InPAC-2019) was held at the Interuniversity Accelerator Center (IUAC) in New Delhi from November 18 to 21, 2019. FuG presented itself with its high-precision power supplies in the context of the industrial exhibition.
The InPAC provides a platform for industry professionals to exchange and share knowledge, expertise and ideas on the different aspects of particle accelerators. It is the largest domestic particle accelerator conference in India and covers the entire spectrum of accelerator science and technology.
The participants and exhibitors made new contacts and deepened the existing cooperation with colleagues and customers. It was an excellent venue for FuG and all other conference attendees to learn about the latest developments in accelerator technology.

11. Joint BER II and Bessy II User Meeting

05 - 06 December 2019
Berlin, Germany

Conference of young scientists and the synchrotron.

As in previous years an important part of the HZB Joint User Meeting was a vendor exhibition, which was running alongside the User Meeting in Adlershof. It provided FuG Elektronik with the great opportunity to present our power  supplies to a large number of high impact customers. There were approximately 450 participants; surely a significant number for presenting our company beside others, and a good chance to get into contact with new customers using synchrotron radiation and/or neutrons and performing experiments at BESSY II and/or BER II.

There were more than 50 companies who were presenting their most recent products related to the fields of Synchrotron Radiation and Neutron Scattering. The exhibition will was arranged in the Newton- and Einstein-Kabinett of the WISTA-conference center.


10 - 13 November 2020
Munich, Germany

The world’s leading trade fair and conference for electronics.

FuG Elektronik GmbH will be at electronica in Novembre 2020 to represent its high precision power supplies. At the world’s leading trade fair electronica it can be seen firstly which components, systems or applications make new developments possible. This is where trade visitors can obtain information about the entire world of electronics. The visitors to electronica from almost all customer segments and industries include many decision-makers from Germany and abroad. Thus, electronica offers FuG Elektronik a good basis for acquiring new and promising business contacts or maintaining existing customer contacts.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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