For over 40 years, FuG Elektronik GmbH has been developing and manufacturing high-precision power supplies in the low, medium and high voltage range for laboratories, science, industry and special applications.

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Our commitment:

Quality from Rosenheim

The company was founded by Erich Fritz and Gerhard Giebichenstein on July 1, 1978. At that time it was located in Langenpfunzen, a district of Rosenheim. The focus is on the development, production and sale of customer-specified and high-precision DC power supplies. In its founding year, 15 employees built the first power supplies in an area of 250 square meters. Universities, research institutes and companies from the high-tech sector are among the main customers.

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The history:

One milestone follows the next

1987 means a milestone in the history of FuG Elektronik GmbH:The floor space is extended by 2500 square meters, the number of employees increases to 50. Over the years the company becomes a global player with global acceptance – achieved through continued growth and specialization in high-precision low, medium and high voltage power supplies. Since 1994 FuG Elektronik has been certified according to DIN ISO 9001. All FuG power supplies meet EU requirements for CE certification and are designed and manufactured to customer specifications.

Dr. Simon

The success:

Growth pays off

In 2008 the company continues to grow: FuG Elektronik now employs 70 people. In the same year the company is acquired by ‘Dr. Simon Consulting Group’. Since then FuG Elektronik GmbH has been part of this group of companies with its affiliated company Guth High Voltage GmbH. Only four years later – in 2012 – the next modernization follows on the highest level: A new company building with 5,000 square meters of floor space at the location Schechen, northern district of Rosenheim. In 2019, the area increases to 10,000 square meters. The number of employees rises to 130.

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The philosophy:

Customized and individual

The credo is: All products and services should meet the needs of the customer.Taking into account the quality criteria such as processing, reliability, delivery-reliability FuG products and services provide maximum benefits to the customer by taking their wishes into consideration. The customer is king, the product individual.

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The standard:

100% quality, 100% local

In order to meet the high-quality standards, FuG Elektronik develops all FuG power supplies on site. All quality-relevant manufacturing steps are also performed within the company itself. Suppliers of components and modules are 100% in line with the quality standard.

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The goal:

Employee qualification at the highest level

In order to ensure a long-term internal quality, FuG has been training its own staff for many years. In addition to a continuous apprenticeship quota of around ten percent in the technical and commercial training areas, the company promotes university projects and further trainings particularly for highly qualified employees and trainees. In addition, research projects and a regular redevelopment of components and products ensure the international competitiveness of the company.

Fug Elektronik works in an environmentally friendly way and pays attention to high resource efficiency.