Technical information

Technical Informations

In this section you will find useful information about interfaces, options, accessories, output cables and more.

Many FuG power supply units are available in various designs and equipment. Some of the most common options and modifications we will introduce at this page. Furthermore, customer specific units with different technical data, with different mechanical construction, with customer defined interface or with extended features are available even for a quantity of one unit.

Analog programming

With this option voltage and current of the FuG power supply can be set by analog voltages (0-10V) or by external potentiometers. Monitor signals of voltage and current (0-10V) available on the programming terminal.

An external “ON”-command enables to release or lock the regulation loop. Selection of manual operation or external programming is possible by knobs or (for older units) a switch on the front panel. This option is also available as a retrofit set for later upgrade of your unit.

Usually the “0V” of the programming voltage is connected to one of the outputs of the unit. If this is not wanted, the unit may be equipped with the floating analog programming. Isolation for this version max. 2 kV DC with respect to the unit output, 30 V DC with respect to ground.
On request we deliver a fibre optical isolation up to 200 kV.
For the most models the floating analog programming can be installed later at our site. On request please ask us! Please indicate in that case the serial number of the appropriate unit.

Arc detection

Supervising on overcurrent/high voltage flashover with signalization, shut down or spark counter.

Active down regulation:

Active down regulation: for fast controlled decrease of the output voltage. Available on request from FuG especially for the NLN series: power transistors in parallel to the output as current sink. In customer-specific power supplies also otherwise possible.

Customer specific design of the power output:

For several types of our units the output as a standard is at the rear plate. Optionally on request it can be arranged at the front as shown.

Digital Interfaces:

Digital Interfaces are available with the PROBUS V interface system as RS232, RS422, IEEE488, USB, Ethernet or Profibus DP.

Different mains voltage and frequency:

Different mains voltage and frequency: As a standard our units designed for a 230V, 50 Hz or 400V, 50Hz three phase mains input. But the most of our units can be modified for other mains values, like they are used in other countries.

Digital meters with higher resolution:

Instead of the standard DVM with a display of max.”1999″, DVM with higher resolution can be offered.
4½ digit meters instead of 3½ digit ones can be built in into all serial units. This replacement is also possible later at our site. 6 digit meters can only be installed in new units in combination with a higher stability. Units of MCP or HCP type are equipped as a standard with 4½ digit meters.

Fast discharge of the output:

Fast discharge of the output – e.g. together with the interlock loop.

Higher stability:

Voltage and/or current regulation with better long-term stability and lower temperature coefficient. With a lot of models (not for M-Power-Line and HCE), using components with a better specification and lower temperature coefficient the following data can be reached:

Stability over 8 hours under constant conditions: <±1 x 10-5
Temperature coefficient: within the specified temperature range
On request we can achieve for certain units even a higher stability.
These options can be incorporated only in new units. A later modification is not possible.

Higher isolation:

Higher isolation of the output and/or the mains input: For special applications (e.g. the operation at a high voltage platform) it may be that the standard isolation of the unit is not sufficient. We can deliver units with isolation up to > 200 kV.

Higher adjustment resolution:

By an additional ten-turn potentiometer for fine adjustment of current and/or voltage the resolution will be increased by a factor of 100. Adjustment range 0 – 99% and a window of approx. 1%. For even better adjustment resolution a decade switch (up to 5 decades) or a combination of decade switches with fine-tune potentiometers can be provided.

Interlock loop:

Interlock loop for supervising of the connected load (e.g. door contacts).

By interrupting the interlock loop, the unit will be shut down by disconnecting the mains. Only after pressing a “RESET”- button, the unit can be put into operation again.

Lower output ripple:

On several series a lower ripple can be achieved by better smoothing. This option can be supplied only with new units. A later modification is not possible.

For an order with this option applies:

For MCP and HCP up to 35W:1 x 10-5 + 10mV p-p
For MCP and HCP 140W up to 700W:1 x 10-5 + 20mV p-p
For MCP and HCP from 1400W: 1 x 10-5 + 100mV p-p

Lower stored energy:

Especially for the operation of gas discharge processes, arcs or similar loads with a negative dynamic resistance characteristic, the quantity of stored energy can be decreased by smaller output capacitors. Consequently, those units will have a higher ripple up to 1%.

Power regulation with display and adjustment:

Besides the standard voltage regulation and current regulation, the units may be equipped with an additional regulation loop for constant power.

Remote control:

Remote control as separate box with meters and adjustments to be connected to the analog programming.