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In our Download Center you will find everything you need to know about our FuG power supplies, from technical information to data sheets, flyers and certificates. Just click and download.
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Brochures / Flyers


company brochure

Data Sheets / Technical Documentation

Basic Series


Professional Series

low-voltage power supplies

Series NTN from 6.5V to 350V / 35W to 100kW (double stabilised)

Series NYN from 12.5V to 350V / 7kW to 100kW (thyristor-regulated)

Series NLN from 6.5V to 500V / 35W to 1.4kW (unipolar)

Serie NLB from 6.5V to 350V / 35W to 1.4kW (bipolar)

NTS 65 V / to 10000 A

medium-voltage power supplies

MCP 125 V to 2000 V / 14 W to 15000 W

MYN 650 V to 2000 V / 7kW to 70 kW (thyristor-regulated)

NCA-MCA 55 V to 3000 V / 750 W to 9000 W (autoranging)

high-voltage power supplies

HCP 3,5 kV to 300 kV / 14 W to 15000 W

HCH 650 V to 300kV / to 50 kW

HYN 3,5 kV to 20 kV / 21 kW to 50 kW (thyristor-regulated)

HCE 125 V to 35 kV / 7 W to 350 W (EURO format)

HCB +/- 1250 V to +/- 20000 V / 1,4 W to 200 W (bipolar)

Capacitor chargers

HCK 2 kV to 65 kV / 100 J/s to 20 kJ/s (capacitor charger)

Customized Series

Examples of customized power supplies


isolating transformers

Rack adapter / 19″ overframe and desktop housing / cable assembly

Rack adapter / 19″ overframe and desktop housing / cable assembly

Technical information

Mains fuse and connected loads

Options and modifications: Configuration

Options and modifications: Probus V (digital interface)

Options and modifications: Analog programming

Definitions and terms

Note for cable installation

SHV cable socket + cable RG58

Plug HS21 + cable 120660

Connector F3415 + cable 130660

Connector F3430 + cable RG11

Connector S150 + RG11

Documentation and software for our interfaces


Current driver
Problems with our USB interface in connection with Windows 10

For PROBUS IV (version until 2005)

Sample programs in TurboPascal and Basic

Example for TestPoint (Keithley)

Example for LabView (National Instruents)

Latest software version of the EPROM on the interface card
(EPROM- type 27C256 required)
If you have any questions please contact us

FuG Terminal

The FuG terminal offers our customers an easy way to communicate with our power supplies via USB or Ethernet without having to develop their own software. First and foremost, it should enable a quicker introduction to test the command set of our devices or to use their full range of functions.

Certificates and declarations

ISO 9001:2015 DQS Certificate

ISO 9001:2015 IQNet Certificate

Declaration form on conflict minerals

Conclict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT)

RoHS Conformity

REACh Declaration

Environmental Statement 2018

Declaration of basic values

Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT)

General terms of delivery

General terms of delivery

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