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The products shown below are examples.

HCV 190M-12000

  • The HCV 190M-12000 is a multiple power supply with up to 10 high voltage sources operated on a floating high voltage potential of up to 12kV.
  • Residual ripple and stability of the sources are in the range of 10E-5 of the final value.
  • Customer-specific control unit based on the Probus V system
  • Modular integrated system with floating hotbox in double 19" rack 9HU
  • Flexibly equipped with up to ten floating sources


  • Special scanning electron microscope (SEM) with pulsed electron beam for testing semi-finished products

HCD 40000 – 7000 MOD

  • The HCD 40000-7000MOD is a stable dual DC power supply with two outputs - master-slave. Each output delivers high voltage up to 7kV and a maximum output current of 7.15A; power limited to 20kW/output.
  • Both high-voltage sources with identical setpoints (master-slave) can be operated in parallel and serially.
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HCK 50000 – 50000 MOD

  • The HCK 50000-50000 MOD is a capacitor charger with an output voltage of 0-50kV and an output current of 0-3A. For output voltages up to 25kV the full output current is supplied. At higher output voltage up to 50kV the current is reduced to 2A.
  • These power supply units operate a pulse forming network (PFN) which is part of the klystron modulator of an acceleration structure for free-electron lasers (FEL).
  • Very good pulse to pulse reproducibility (100ppm at 50 Hz)
  • Fast regulation for high repetition rates: The power supply operates with fast discharges at the output from full voltage to zero within 1µs with subsequent recharging to 50kV, 50 times per second.
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HCK 600000 – 65200 MOD

  • Three of these power supplies provide the energy to accelerate an electron beam in a linear accelerator with energy recovery (ERL).
  • Output klystron power supply: 0.... - 65.2kV; 0.... - 9.2A (max. 600kW)
  • 4 auxiliary power supplies with different output voltage: partly potential-free at HV output
  • Stored energy: less than 20 J (0.2 mm copper wire must not burn through in case of short circuit)
  • The entire system is controlled by a central PLC with sophisticated locking and security measures.
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