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All FuG – series power supplies deliver high-precision regulated DC voltage or DC current and are adjustable in voltage and current from zero to the indicated final value. Fluctuations of the mains voltage or the load are automatically compensated. The outputs are short-circuit and flashover proof. The transition from voltage to current control takes place automatically depending on the connected load. Resistive, capacitive, inductive or complex loads are possible. Adjustment is made with ten-turn potentiometers on the front panel (except cassettes) or via optional analog or digital interfaces.

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M-Power-Line Basic-Series

Basic Series

The Basic Series of FuG power supplies is the right solution for many applications with low and medium requirements to high voltage stabilization. Of the shelf power supplies of the M-Power-Line are available with short delivery and already equipped with many features for a quick start to work with them. 200 to 1000W output power and 10, to 50kV of output voltage are available.


Professional Series

The professional series of FuG power supplies comprises a big variety of different power supply classes with unipolar or bipolar output from low voltage op to the range of hundreds of kilovolt. This series is the right solution for a lot of more challenging applications, where highest stability, lowest ripple or other special features are necessary. A modular system with basic units and optional features covers these demands.

HCK 600000 - 65200 MOD

Customised power supplies

There is a floating transition from our professional series to another variety of pure customized products. These products are often developed in close co-operation with the customer and show unique features, exactly tailored to the corresponding application. Due to the modular system, we can make customized solutions also in low quantities.

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Cables, connectors, mechanical parts to assemble the power supplies into racks, isolation transformers and much more, what is necessary to operate our power supplies. If you don’t find the right thing here, please ask us.


Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy FuG power supplies?
Where can I buy FuG power supplies?

You can purchase DC power supplies from FuG Elektronik directly at our location in Schechen or through our representatives worldwide in your region. This applies to both standard and customized power supplies. For customer-specific power supplies, our representatives will contact us.

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For which applications are FuG power supplies designed?
For which applications are FuG power supplies designed?

FuG power supplies are designed for a wide range of applications, especially when it comes to precision. These are mainly research and development (particle accelerators as an example) but also applications in the semiconductor industry, surface treatment, material separation, electron beam application, material analysis and many more.

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Can I configure my power supplies individually?
Can I configure my power supplies individually?

Yes, an individual configuration is possible. Frequently occurring options such as computer interfaces, polarity reversal circuits or interlock and others can be ordered for most standard devices and are integrated into the power supplies by the manufacturer FuG. Further modifications are also gladly carried out by FuG for you, e.g. a lower ripple or higher control stability than those of the standard products which require design changes to the device. A team of experts is available at any time to configure the optimal power supply unit for you or to develop a solution especially for your needs.

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