Excellent! FuG Elektronik is most family-friendly company 2020

23. September 2019

Excellent! FuG Elektronik is most family-friendly company 2020

The manufacturer of power supplies receives the prize "Familienlöwe" in the category over 100 employees

FuG Elektronik, manufacturer of high-precision power supplies for research and industry, was awarded the „Familienlöwen“ in the category over 100 employees as the most family-friendly employer. The prize has been awarded by the CSU Rosenheim (a local political party) since 2011. It recognizes companies that support their employees in combining work and family in the best possible way.

Precision, reliability and longevity are the top priorities of FuG Elektronik’s power supplies. To guarantee this, employees who live these values are needed. That is why the company focuses on flexible working hours, extensive social benefits and individual support.

Employees can choose between a flexitime variant with core time and time account and a flexible working time model which they largely design themselves. In addition, FuG Elektronik organizes team events, actively supports career planning, offers health and recreation services as well as an in-house canteen and state-of-the-art workplaces. Since December 2019, child-friendly and lovingly designed rooms have also been available for company childcare. In a first step, the service will be set up during holiday periods. For child care, FuG is looking forward to receiving applications from pedagogic professionals. The year-round operation will take place in a further step if capacity utilization is good.