Series MYN from 650V to 2kV / 21kW to 50kW


  • simple construction
  • extremely robust
  • high efficiency
  • short circuit proof and unlimited operation with full current in short circuit condition
  • voltage and current regulation with automatic and sharp transition; control mode indicated by LEDs
  • voltage and current setting with 10-turn potentiometers with precision scale; the adjusting knob can be locked
  • limitation of inrush current on switching on
  • suitable also for inductive and capacitive loads
  • interlock loop to monitor the external load and internal loop as a standard
  • elapsed-hour meter as a standard


A transformer is used to transform the mains supply to high voltage. Either on the primary side or on the secondary side of this transformer a phase controlled thyristor rectifier circuit is fitted. A series LC filter is used to smooth the resulting rectified voltage.


  • depending on voltage and power, the units are built as single or double 19" cabinets of various height; the side covers are detachable, the rear door is lockable
  • all cabinets are equipped with fork-lift-compatible plinths and removable crane-eyes
  • single 19" cabinets up to 38U are easily transportable by fork-lift
  • cooling is carried out via convection or built-in fans, with the air being exhausted (depending upon type) either via the rear or the top


Output isolation The output is floating with isolation voltage ±2000V against earth. Either the positive or the negative terminal may be connected to earth. (Not valid with the option analog programming)
Output terminals All output terminals are located at the rear side of the cabinet. For Output current up to 10A high voltage connectors with the appropriate dielectric strength are installed. Mating connectors are delivered with the power supply. For higher current feed through terminals or bus bars.

Technical Data:

Mains connection 400V ±10% 47Hz to 53Hz, three-phase
Ambient temperature 0°C to +40°C

The following data applies for voltage and current regulation, and refers to the rated value, unless otherwise stated. (For explanations please refer toTerms and Definitions)

Setting range from approx. 1% to 100%
Setting resolution ±1 x 10-4
Residual ripple (0-10MHz) < 1 x 10-2pp + 100mVpp
Recovery time < 100ms to 500ms (depending on type) for load variations of ±10%
Setting time at nominal load < 100ms to 2sec (depending on type) for changes of the output voltage from 10% to 90% or 90% to 10%
Discharge time constant
for output without load
approx. 5sec. to 60sec., depending on type

for ±10% mains voltage variation:
< ±1 x 10-4

for no load / full load:
< ±1 x 10-3

over 8 hours under constant conditions:
< ±3 x 10-4

within the temperature range:
< ±3 x 10-4 / K


Analogue programming All FuG power supplies are optionally available with an analog programming 0-10V (Standard with the series HCE and HCN 7E). This option is also available as retrofit set.
Computer interface IEEE 488, RS 232, RS 422, Profibus DP, USB, LAN (more on request)
Power limitation Besides the standard voltage regulation and current regulation, the units may be equipped with an additional regulation loop for constant power.
Internal resistance setting and regulation For electronic simulation of a changing internal impedance of the unit (e.g. battery characteristic). The technical design is similar to the power regulation.