Serie NLB from 6.5V to 350V / 35W to 1.4kW


  • single output power supply with adjustable bipolar output voltage and current; instantaneous change of polarity
  • voltage and current setting with 10-turn potentiometers with precision scale; the adjusting knob can be locked
  • when equipped with an interface or with the analog programming, fast programmable including change of polarity
  • short circuit proof and allow unlimited operation with full current in short circuit condition
  • one of the potentiometers is used for set point adjustment (selectable for voltage or current); the second potentiometer is for limiting the respective other value.
  • 4½ digit DVM for voltage and current (for table-top models)
  • sense terminals for the compensation of voltage drop on the load lines, for units up to 350V nominal voltage
  • 4-quadrant operation is possible for passive loads (when the stored energy is low, optionally also for active loads or higher energy with reverse current)
  • suitable also for inductive and capacitive loads
  • standard starting current limitation from 700W nominal power onwards


Bipolar linear regulated power supplies supply one output voltage, where the value and polarity is adjustable. The mains voltage is transformed to the appropriate level and rectified. The rectified voltage charges a bank of capacitors of the intermediate circuit to a constant voltage, which it is fed, via a set of serial power transistors, to the output. The output stages of the positive and the negative circuits are switched together in a push-pull manner. The regulation transistors define the final stability of the output voltage and the regulation speed. Bipolar power supplies are able to operate as 4-quadrant power amplifier. (optionally also for active loads).


  • 19" table-top case (19" rack adaptors available)
  • cooling: convection or built-in fan with air outlet on the rear


Output isolation The output is floating. Operating voltage with respect to earth: max. ±500V.
Output terminals 4mm safety connectors up to 20A on the rear panel. For higher currents clamps installed on the rear.

Technical Data:

Mains connection ≤ 1400W: 230V ±10% 47Hz to 63Hz
≥ 2800W: 400V ±10% 47Hz to 63Hz, three-phase
Ambient temperature 0°C to +40°C
Power loss at nominal load approx. 35%, during short circuit at nominal current approx 140% and at no load approx. 15% of the nominal power

The following data applies for voltage and current regulation, and refers to the rated value, unless otherwise stated. (For explanations please refer toTerms and Definitions)

Setting range from -100% to +100%
Setting resolution ±2 x 10-4
Residual ripple (0-10MHz) < 5 x 10-4pp + 10mVpp
Recovery time

voltage regulation:
< 50µs for load changes from 10% to 100% or from 100% to 10%

current regulation:
< 1ms

Setting time at nominal load < 1ms for full range

for ±10% mains voltage variation:
< ±2 x 10-5

for no load / full load:
< 2 x 10-4

over 8 hours under constant conditions:
< ±2 x 10-4

within the temperature range:
< ±2 x 10-4 / K


Analogue programming All FuG power supplies are optionally available with an analog programming 0-10V (Standard with the series HCE and HCN 7E). This option is also available as retrofit set.
Computer interface IEEE 488, RS 232, RS 422, Profibus DP, USB, LAN (more on request)
DVM with higher resolution "Instead of the standard DVM with a display of max.""1999"", DVM with higher resolution can be offered."
Higher programming speed Higher programming speed
4-quadrant operation Full 4-quadrant operation, even with active loads