Here are some examples for customer specific power supplies, which were built by our company in the recent past:

Power supply for lamp calibration NTN 700 - 65

When you need a customer specific power supply solution, please send us your technical specification!

Special features

  • Digital front panel with multifunctional display, synchronised with computer interface (IEEE488).
  • Automatic changeover to remote operation.
  • Switch for change to local operation.
  • Active setpoints are maintained on switching to "Local" to "Remote" and back.
  • Three different resolution settings are selectable.
  • Reset switch for zero setting.
  • Output designed for pulsed operation (1Hz) and short-term overcurrent.


Two five-digit displays for voltage and current are integrated in the multifunction display. Furthermore there is a permanent setpoint display, display for the set resolution and all modes of operation.


Each digital potentiometer has three selectable resolutions for voltage and current with a switch to select the set resolution, "zeroing" switch, switch to release the output and switch to change to local mode.

External control

Values are maintained while transition is made via an integrated IEEE 488 interface to remote operation and back. Remote operation starts automatically when data is sent via the computer.

Technical Data

  • Mains connection: 230 V ±10%, 47 - 63 Hz or 115 V ±10%, 47 - 63 Hz (reconnectable)
  • Output: 0 - 65 V / 0 - 10 A (for up to 180ms a current of 15A can be delivered)
  • Stability over 8 h and TK: 1x10-4 from end value
  • Residual ripple: < 16,5 mV s - s
  • Ambient temperatures: 0 to 40°C

19. rackcases 4HE, Depth 350mm.


Testing and calibrating of automotive headlamps.

Power supply for VUV-Spectrometer HCV 3,1M - 12000
When you need a customer specific power supply solution, please send us your technical specification!
Special features

  • 3 precision voltage sources connected in series
  • Extensive measures to protect the sensitive load
  • Over-voltage and over-current limiting
  • Custom specific analog and digital interfaces


6 DVM 5½- digit for output voltage and output current for each source


Voltage setting for each source on the front with coarse and fine 10 –turn potentiometers. Current limit for all three sources and overvoltage limit for sources 2 and 3 with 10-turn potentiometers. Display with actual values/ set values / limits.

The following operating modes can be switched individually:
  • Power ON / OFF
  • High Voltage ON / OFF
  • Manual mode
  • Remote control mode

- Shutdown via locking emergency stop button
- Key switch with positions: "Manual", "remote control" and "Locked"
- Test button for LED displays
- External and internal interlock with reset button

External Operation

After switching to remote control all functions can operate except emergency stop control and set limits on analog signals (rear-mounted jacks). All status messages can be read both in manual mode as well as in remote control operation.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 230 V ±10%, 47 - 63 Hz
  • Output V1: 0 - ± 100 V / 0 - 1 mA
  • Output V2: 0 - +2.000 V / 0 - 1 mA
  • V3 output: 0 - +10.000 V / max. 0.1 mA
  • Stability over 8 h and TK: 1x10-4 of full scale
  • Ambient temperature: 0 to 40 ° C

19 "- drawer, 266mm height (6U), Depth: 450 mm, Weight: 10 kg


Operation of multi-channel plate (MCP) detectors on a XUV spectrometer system

High voltage supply HCV 349m - 6500

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Special Features

Designed for flight operations: vibration and shock resistant up to 9G.

The device consists of a DC high voltage supply and an overhead AC heater supply with variable frequency. Operation is via lockable ten-turn potentiometer on the front panel. The high voltage is adjusted with coarse and fine potentiometers. The high voltage output is discharged against overcurrent by a semiconductor switch within 25μs. In case of power failure, the unit that consists of a built-in battery can continue to be operated for up to 10 min. The heating voltage is raised when switching via a ramp within 120s.

Technical data

High voltage output: 0 - 6,5kV, negative, 0 - 50 mA
Ripple: < 5x 10-5ss at100Hz
< 1x 10-5ss bei 20kHz
Overcurrent shutdown: adjustable from 10 - 50 mA
Heating System: 0 - 8V AC, 50 - 200 Hz adjustable, max. 3A

Operation of an RF backward-wave oscillator of an airborne radio telescope for a superheterodyne receiver with high frequency resolution.

High-performance capacitor charger 150000m HCK - 12000

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Special Features

Charging power up to 300kJ / s (case of partial discharge in the range of 8,5kV to 12kV). Uniform input power from the mains with pulsed emitted output power.

The product is designed and built fully according to customer specifications and has a custom specific analog interface with extensive control and monitoring commands. The high voltage power supply is constructed with water-cooled cascaded IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) and the final stage with optical fiber controls.

Technical data

High voltage output: 0 - 12kV, positive, 0 - 35A
Control time constant for power control: 500 microseconds
Load capacity: up to 300 kJ/s
Control Loops: voltage, current, power
Circuit protection: overvoltage, overcurrent, output exceeded

Charge the storage capacitor for the modulator of a pulsed 10MW klystron transmitter for a particle accelerator.

Linear Regulated Power Supply NLN 22500M - 15

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Special Features

High current source with energy buffer.

The device delivers a very high output with low power consumption from the grid for a short time. The energy required is in special storage capacitors for intermediate storage- Ultra Caps.

The device can operate as a constant current source or a voltage source. The internal resistance of the voltage source can be adjusted electronically. The device is controlled via a linear transistor at output stage.

Technical data

Power supply: 115V ±10%,  47-63Hz
Current consumption from the network: max. 15A
Output voltage: 0 - 15V
Internal resistance: 0 - 32 mOhm
Output power: 22,5kW for 5 sec., after
7,5kW for 20 sec., after
About 6 min. time for recharging.

Portable starter test for limited network performance.

A bipolar high-voltage module HCM 7.5M-30000

Send us your technical specification for your custom network device!

Special Features

Highly stable bipolar voltage source with continuous zero crossing.

DC-DC converter with 24V input and high output voltage. Voltage and current programmable and can be read back with 0-10V - signals.

Two operating modes are possible:
1) unipolar operation, reversed in polarity with 24V signal
2) bipolar operation, continuous zero crossing

Technical data

Input voltage: 24V ±10%, DC
Output voltage: 0 - ±30kV
Output current: 0 - ±0,25mA
Power: max. 7,5W
Deviation: < 1x 10-5
Programming speed: < 100 ms for full stroke

Control of electrodes in an electrostatic deflection system (mass spectrometer).