Series HCE from 125V to 35kV / 7W to 350W


  • compact size
  • light-weight
  • for units from 6.5kV nominal voltage on, all HV components are moulded in (removable) silicon
  • short circuit and flashover proof
  • unlimited operation with rated current in a short-circuit condition
  • unlimited operation with rated power
  • voltage or current regulation with automatic transition
  • control mode indicated by LEDs
  • screwdriver adjustment of voltage and current on the front panel
  • standard analog programming plus HV ON/OFF input and monitor outputs
  • measuring terminals for voltage and current monitors on the front panel
  • suitable for use with capacitive loads
  • suitable for use with photomultipliers


In principle, the rectified line voltage drives a square wave generator of fixed frequency, whose AC voltage is transformed, rectified and filtered, producing the output voltage. For regulation, the square wave voltage is pulse width modulated.


  • EURO-cassette design. Width depending on type


Output isolation The polarity is positive or negative and has to be indicated with the order. The "0V" terminal of the output is connected to earth but may be disconnected as needed. When disconnected, the "0V" (earthy) terminal may float with respect to earth up to ±125V.
Output terminals Outputs are located on the rear of the units. For units up to 650V nominal voltage, the output is on 4mm safety connectors.
From 1250V nominal voltage on, HV-connectors are provided. The mating HV-connectors are delivered with the unit.

Technical Data:

Mains connection 230V ±10% 47Hz to 63Hz
Ambient temperature 0°C to +40°C

The following data applies for voltage and current regulation, and refers to the rated value, unless otherwise stated. (For explanations please refer toTerms and Definitions)

Setting range from approx. 0.1% to 100%
Residual ripple (0-10MHZ) < 1 x 10-4pp + 50mVpp, typ. 5 x 10-5pp
Recovery time

Voltage control:
< 1ms for load changes from 10% to 100% or from 100% to 10%

Current control:
< 10ms for load changes causing an output change of less than 10% of the rated voltage

Setting time at nominal load < 200ms for changes of the output voltage from 10% to 90% or 90% to 10%
Discharge time constant for output without load approx. 0.5sec. to 5sec., depending on type

for ±10% mains voltage variation:
< ±1 x 10-5

for no load / full load:
< 2 x 10-4

over 8 hours under constant conditions:
< ±1 x 10-4

within the temperature range:
< ±1,5 x 10-4 / K

Voltage and current adjustment by screwdriver or via analog programming.


Potentiometer ten turn potentiometer for voltage on the front panel
Accessories 19" frames are available as an option or table top housing are available as accessory