Series NCA / MCA from 55V to 3kV / 750W to 9kW


  • auto ranging characteristic with constant power limitation
  • 5 power classes and 6 Voltage classes: 55V to 3000V
  • up to 1500V with floating output
  • compact size (19" case), light-weight and high efficiency
  • short-circuit & flashover proof
  • unlimited operation with nominal power (even in short-circuit conditions)
  • voltage and current regulation with automatic, sharp transition and additional power limitation
  • control mode indicated by LED
  • 4½ digit DVM for voltage and current for all power classes
  • voltage and current setting with10-turn potentiometers with precision scale; the adjusting knob can be locked
  • indication of set point values by means of button for switchover of the displays
  • set point adjustment possible with locked output, release of output voltage by means of an "ON" / "OFF" switch
  • suitable also for capacitive loads
  • sense connections to compensate voltage drop at the load cables for NCA
  • active down control for NCA


The NCA/MCA series is an auto ranging power supply design in which the power supplies operate over the full range of their output voltage & current, up to the units maximum rated output power. This results in an operating range which is up to 3-times wider than that of a more conventional power supply. When fitted with the optional computer interface, the MCA/NCA series become versatile programmable power supplies. In principle, the rectified line voltage drives a square wave generator, whose AC voltage is transformed, rectified and filtered, producing the output voltage. For regulation, the square wave voltage is pulse width modulated.


  • 19" table-top case (19" rack adapters available)


Output isolation Up to 1500V nominal voltage and 3000W power, the output is floating. Either the positive or the negative pole may be connected to earth. (Not valid with the option analog programming. If the floating function should remain, the floating analog programming must be chosen)
Maximum isolation voltage up to 400V nominal voltage: ±500V
at 750V nominal voltage: ±1000V
at 1500V nominal voltage: ±2000V
at 3000V nominal voltage and for 1500V in the power classes 6000W and 9000W one pole is earthed, the polarity must be indicated when ordering
Output terminals Units up to 750V nominal voltage have 4mm safety connectors. For units with output current > 10A have output clamps. For units with nominal voltage greater than 1500V and rated current up to 10A SHV connectors are provided, suitable HV-cable connectors are included.

Technical Data:

Mains connection ≤ 1500W: 230V ±10% 47Hz to 63Hz
≥ 3000W: 400V ±10% 47Hz to 63Hz, three-phase
Ambient temperature 0°C to +40°C

The following data applies for voltage and current regulation, and refers to the rated value, unless otherwise stated. (For explanations please refer to Terms and Definitions)

Setting range from approx. 0.1% to 100%
Setting resolution ±1 x 10-4
Residual ripple (0-10MHz) < 2 x 10-4pp + 200mVpp
Recovery time

Voltage control:
< 1ms for load changes from 10% to 100% or from 100% to 10%

Current control:
< 10ms for load changes causing an output change of less than 10% of the rated voltage

Setting time at nominal load < 300ms for changes of the output voltage from 10% to 90% or 90% to 10%
Discharge time constant
for output without load
approx. 10sec for MCA NCA have active down regulation.

for ±10% mains voltage variation:
±1 x 10-5

for no load / full load:
< 5 x 10-4

over 8 hours under constant conditions:
< ±2 x 10-4

within the temperature range:
< ±1 x 10-4 / K


Analogue programming All FuG power supplies are optionally available with an analog programming 0-10V (Standard with the series HCE and HCN 7E). This option is also available as retrofit set.
Computer interface IEEE 488, RS 232, RS 422, Profibus DP, USB, LAN (more on request)