Environmental technology

Long, longer, FuG power supplies –

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In environmental technology, FuG power supplies are used where a customer-specific power supply with a long service life and a long operating life is required – for example in industrial environments for the separation and destruction or shredding of materials such as plastic, metal, electronic scrap and minerals. FuG power supplies are also integrated in electrostatic filters for air filtration.



Environmental technology:

Material separation:

Scrap and waste material will be crushed and exposed to an electrical field. Depending on the type of material the particles get different electrical charge and can be influenced in their movement by the electrical field. This effect enables the separation of different materials up to 35kV, 1mA – 5mA.

Electrostatic filters:

impurities such as dust, particulates or aerosols will be separated from air or exhaust by electrical fields and deposit on electrodes. 20.000V – 35.000V, up to 200mA.

Material crushing:

By pulsed electromagnetic fields acoustic shock waves will be generated. These shock waves crush solid materials. Applications: Disposal of building materials, mining material.