Not all tubes are the same –

FuG power supplies make a difference

Power supply for stable high-frequency fields

Tubes for satellite communication, the generation of high-frequency fields for particle acceleration and tubes for vacuum or X-ray technology require a DC high voltage. In particular, all these tubes must meet two requirements: they have to work with high precision and reliability. In order to ensure the high quality standard, all FuG power supplies are developed internally and all production steps relevant for quality are carried out in the company itself.




TWT Tubes:

Multiple output up to 10kV, low current/low voltage, high accuracy.

BWO Tubes:

3 – 10kV, 300W – 400W, with auxiliary sources, high stability.


10 kV – 30 kV, 40 kW – 400 kW. With auxiliary supply.


30kV – 60kV, 80kW – 200kW, with auxiliary supplies, highest accuracy.

Ion getter pump:

Application in ultrahigh vacuum technic. Residual molecules in vacuum will be ionized by an electrical field, accelerated and stucked in a getter layer. 3kV – 7kV, 5mA – 20mA, soft current- voltage characteristic.

X-ray tubes:

The generation of X-ray in X-ray tubes is based on the released energy during the abrupt braking of an electron beam. The energy and feature of the X-ray radiation are affected by the energy and feature of the electron beam. For production, testing, forming and operation of X-ray tubes specific voltage supplies are requested. The forming is a process during production to fix small irregularities in insulation- and electrode material. 30.000V – 80.000V, 200W – 2000W.