Space technology

Completely detached, because customized or

professional series:  FuG power supplies stand out from the crows

Consistently reliable

Space technology leaves nothing to chance: FuG provides  power supplies based on highest reliability. Whether for the development of spacecraft or ground-based devices such as satellite testers or spacecraft engines, the FuG product range includes professional series and customized solutions. Since 1969, when man first stepped on the moon, space travel has lost none of its fascination. FuG power supplies make a valuable contribution to this.



Space industry:

Space industry/ development:

In space crafts as well as for ground-based equipment or in development specific voltage and current supplies are requested.

Satellite tester:

up to 50 V, up to 120 A, source and sink. Spaceships must be thoroughly tested before launch. Since solar cells cannot be opened on the ground, power supplies are used to simulate solar cells. Source and sink power supplies are required for testing solar cells.

Spacecraft plasma motors:

Plasma drives are used in space crafts to correct the trajectory or to be used as long-term supply for distance emissions. The development of such engines requests complex and fine-tuned power supplies for plasma generators and auxiliary electrodes. 300V – 3000V, up to 9kW.