Solutions for magnetic power supplies and test benches

In the field of material analysis, testing and measurement, FuG power supplies stand for precision in power supply. Whether basic or Profi series or on request kundenspezifisch manufactured: We are your experienced partner, if a power supply with high accuracy is in demand. Our range includes mass spectrometers, detectors, X-ray applications, Electron Microscopes, leakage current measurement, cable / insulation testers and electric motors, starters and magnetic testers.



Mass spectrometers:

Mass spectrometers measure the movement of molecules in an electrical field. Such field are generated by power supplies with low power and high regulation. 800V – 30kV, up to 10W.


Particle and gas detectors: Low power, high stability, multi channels per power supply. 800V – 30kV, up to 10W.

X-ray applications:

For the production and formation of X-ray tubes high voltage power supplies with multi-channel output are requested, which need to be flexibly adjustable to several working areas. Industrial X-Ray systems often require robust and specific power supplies. 30.000V – 80.000V, 200W – 2000W.

Electron microscopes:

For Industrial applications with extremely high requirements to the stability of the high voltage power supply.

Leakage test of materials:

10kV – 35kV, 1mA – 10 mA, sophisticated arc detection. Adaption to customer specific control and monitoring system.

Leak current measurement:

Applications are in energy transmission technology as well in construction of power plant and generators. 50kV – 70kV, up to 1 mA, high resolution current measurement.

Cable/ insulation testers: sophisticated arc detection:

Adaption to customer specific control and monitoring system. 5kV – 20kV, up to 300mA.

Electro motor/ Starter/ Magnet tester:

Current regulated power supplies with high power and high regulation are requested for such applications. 10A – 5.500A, up to 350V.