Solutions for extremely high requirements

Semiconductor production requires a high-precision and integrated power supply. It is guaranteed by FuG power supplies. Customized solutions are used here as well as Basic or Professional series – for example in the context of ion implantation, litography and microscopy, capacitor testers and educational systems and for semiconductors, where devices have to be tested for their dielectric strength.



Semiconductor production:

Ion implantation:

Medium and high voltage power supplies with high regulation and also high stability. 30kV – 150kV, 700W – 20kW.


For high voltage power supplies with low power and specific control and output. Up to 2kV, up to 1 mA, cassette power supply.

LCD Tester:

We often have industrial applications with extremely high requirements for high voltage stability. For the testing of LCD screens during the manufacturing process such electron microscopes are needed. 10kV -20kV, low current, high precision, with auxiliary supplies.

Lithography/ Microscopy:

Smallest structures in the range of nanometers are created on semiconductor or other substrates. The requirements are similar to electron microscopy, but for lithography the regulation of the electron beam current has to cover a larger power range. 20kV – 70kV, low current (mA), auxiliary power supplies, very high stability, low ripple.

Power semiconductors:

Devices often have to be tested on withstand voltage, electrical current and electrical switching features. 800V – 20.000V, up to 10kW, High current pulsers up to 3.000A.

Capacitor tester/forming systems:

Capacitors need to be tested on withstand voltage and and need to be formed during the production process or during the performance afterwards.

Varistor Tester:

Devices often need to be tested on withstand voltage. 800V – 20.000V, 7W – 500W.