Solutions for acceleration systems and nuclear fusion research

Research and development demand a power supply that is adjustable and reliable. FuG power supplies are used in acceleration systems for various particle sources, bending plates, bending and focusing magnets, superconducting coils and high-frequency tubes and are the reliable partner for nuclear fusion, chemical and biological research.

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Particle accelerators

In particle accelerators, electric and magnetic fields with different strength and frequency are related to very high precision requirements. FuG Elektronik provides the optimal solution especially for the most diverse requirements:

Primary accelleration voltage:

The requirements here are high voltages of several hundred kV at high power combined with high voltage stability, up to 300kV, up to 30kW.

Ion sources:

Medium and high voltage power supplies with high regulation and good stability. 1.000V up to 65.000V, up to 700W.

Bending plates:

High voltage power supplies with lower power and high regulation. 30.000V – 200.000V, up to 700W.

Bending/ Focussing Magnets: (normal conducting):

For this application low voltage power supplies as well as linear regulated and bipolar power supplies are used with the request for high regulation in constant current mode.

Super conducting:

Special power supplies are used to supply superconducting coils, for current regulation with high accuracy and in order to the resume the energy of the superconducting coil. 10A – 2000A, low voltage.

High frequency tubes (IOT, Klystrons …):

With high voltage power supplies high-frequency fields used for accelleration of particle beams are generated. This application requests high accuracy and reproducibility.


Low power, high stability, multi channels per power supply. 800V – 30kV, up to 10W.

Kicker Magnets:

Rapidly changing magnetic fields affect the trajectory of particles. The condensator energy is transferred/passed into a solenoid. Capacitor charging power supplies with high repetition frequency and very high reproducibility are needed. 1000V – 20.000V, up to 5kJ/s.

Nuclear fusion research:

In nuclear fusion reactors different types of plasmas are required. In order to generate and stabilize a plasma medium and high voltage power supplies are necessary with high output power. Plasma applications means specific and high challenges for the design of power supplies.

Chemical/ Biological research:

A lot of chemical and biological processes need stable electrical fields (for example electrophoresis, mass spectrometry) up to 35kV, low current.